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Magic: The Gathering (MTG; also known as Magic) was the first trading card game, which was created by Richard Garfield and introduced in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Magic continues to thrive, with approximately twelve million players as of 2011. Magic can be played by two or more players each using a deck of printed cards.

Come play Magic the Gathering with us every Friday night. We do both Booster draft and standard play.

Booster Draft is $15 and starts at 7:00 pm. Standard is $6.00 and starts at 6:30 pm.

We also have a wide selection of singles magic cards to choose from including our completely computer controlled inventory of singles cards available for you to peruse both at the shop computer or from the convenience of your own smartphone.

In addition be welcome to play in our many open play games of EDH/Commander and other formats of Magic throughout the night.